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by Ghoul

As your casket closes listen to the living weep Their tears are such cold comfort when they bury you so deep You think they cry for you; that they came to pay respects? The living only weep because they know that they are next Sobbing in their mourning clothes, a most impressive act Rosaries and prayer to keep their fantasies intact The Parson mumbles fairy tales of Heaven and of Hell But six feet down in potter's earth is where you'll really dwell Your brain begins to ooze with the secrets of the dead As your casket closes The darkness of the tomb, an eternity of dread As your casket's covered feel the cruel hand of time Ectoplasmic tendrils, enveloping in slime Apparitions wail from the mould infested crypts Skin begins to peel, turn to gelatin, and drip Twisting roots imprison you, your coffin starts to rot Bound to this dimension, though the chains you can see not Timeless creeping horror, a nightmare with no end The snails in your skull are your only earthly friends Your brain begins to ooze with the secrets of the dead As your casket closes The darkness of the tomb, an eternity of dread You feel your eyeballs melting as you start to decompose They burst inside the sockets and come running out your nose Sacs of pus erupt in places better left unmentioned Bloated bowels surrendering all powers of retention Drooling fat congeals into pudding in your crypt Beetles nest in ear canals and munch on waxy drips Maggots feed on viscera, a swirling toxic stew There's no one here to blame it on, that odour came from you As your casket opens you see four hooded freaks Laughter in the moonlight, horrifying shrieks Two hundred years you've been rotting in this grave And now you will awaken to become a willing slave Injecting Numbskull, your brain begins to boil Your body quivers in the funereal soil Replacing spinal fluid, sucking at our drool Your afterlife is over, welcome to your life with Ghoul! As your casket closes
Whispering voices in darkness Their footsteps were really quite loud They came for a skull made of crystal They'll leave in a burial shroud Gathering in the graveyard A cult and a secret cabal "We'll search every inch of the catacombs!" Kill them all, kill them all!!! Peel their skin Put the knife in Burn them without and then burn them within! Polish the headbone and try not to scratch it Turn them to Rot Gut Bury the Hatchet! Torches arranged in a circle Bathing the cultists in light We crept through the shadows Trying to hear them and stay out of sight They spoke of a power contained in the skull They said, "It was brought from the stars" That thing we'd been using to crack open walnuts Used to crack walnuts on Mars? Peel their skin Put the knife in Burn them without and then burn them within! Polish the headbone and try not to scratch it Turn them to Rot Gut Bury the Hatchet! We broke up the party with a molotov blast They turned into human torches when we doused them in gas The screaming was loud it would get louder still As I slit their bellies open in my frenzy to kill Axes shattered vertebrae, spinal fluid squirts Cleavers entered craniums, ruining white shirts Burning eyeballs guttering and cooling into clots Being hung by their intestines had them tied up in knots Skin was pulled from muscle and devoured on the spot Cult members dying and left there to rot Some of them made it, I'm sorry to say Next time they come here we will find a way to Bury the Hatchet! Victims decay in the darkness Their screaming was really quite loud They came for a skull made of crystal They left in a burial shroud Moldering in the graveyard Their bones will be nibbled by rats If they're going to steal the crystalline skull They'll have to do better than that
Merde! 02:22
Born to a whore on a Parisian floor In the ides of March, a babe to abhor Pardon my French, but life really sucked When you're born and grow up an ugly duck "To the smith's to work!" my mother bade me But play with fire and you'll get burnt, you see For after the boss gave me a beating I lit up the kiln to blow up everyt'ing Merde! Villagers threw stones at the sight they saw A crispy pyromaniac with no lower jaw For this curse of life, I got my revenge Burning all Europe from Rome to Stonehenge Then one day I wandered to a most depressing place Creepsylvania! With no food for my face Alone in a grave, I thought that was it Till two hooded ghouls came to steal all my shit "This one's alive!" the chunky one said "Give him my grog," and they tipped back my head "That is Fermentor. Here's meat to gnosh." "Hey, Digestor, let's teach him to mosh!" Behooded and thrashing, I decided to join 'em Then we added Dissector, it was the last album And with my fiends help, I'll torch every fool Cremator burns all in the name of Ghoul! Merde!
Up in the Volkov Mountains In the rubble of the Ghoul Hunter's home A monster of metal lies buried Under ten thousand tons of stone   To wield a weapon so powerful Its owner would conquer and rule The cult leader plans to reactivate That Killbot should decimate Ghoul   Exhuming the robot, the members all gasped The Killbot was buried alone They only found remains of a skeletal arm A boulder was crushing the bone   The mechanized man was in pieces Its brain all but rotten away An arm had gone missing, its optics torn out Its load pan was in disarray   The cult leader lifted a black iron claw His eyes were all red and aglow They gathered the wreckage of Killbot And marched to the valley below   New weapons were built for the robot Rebuilt to be stronger than all And when Killbot was put back together Walt Disney's brain was thawed for install
Reject, the king of the nerds Treated like a social disease Cast out, he was a slovenly twerp Heavy Metal was his only release Picked on, he got a beating a day While everybody looked the other way Headcase, living in a fantasy world His nerves were starting to fray Comic books! Vacant looks! Brain sick! Horror flicks! School's out, and the bullies await Little Billy was gonna get trashed Headlock, and a punch in the gut They tore up his homework and his glasses were smashed Graveyard, Billy ran there to hide, And he fell into the tunnels below Darkness, and then a light from the void For eons in slumber, the skull, now, aglow Mutate! To Mutilate! Transform! Gore Boar! Muscles ripping through his clothes A snout where there was once a nose Wiry matted hair Studded, denim outerwear Beware! They begged for their lives when they saw him He made them beg him some more, He cut off their heads and he tore them to shreds On the satanic night of the bloodthirsty boar Watch out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Cry out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Mutated were-boar berserker The rampaging hell-beast attacks His foes are left mangled and bloody By hoof and by fist and by tusk and by axe! Watch out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Cry out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Scream out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Die out! He's the Mutant Mutilator! Daybreak, and the nerd was awake "I guess it must have been a dream!" Bloodcaked, he staggered out of his bed Looked in the mirror and he let out a scream Death's head was lying on his bed And it was oozing ectoplasmic goo No choice, to the Curio Shoppe "Old Mr. Fang, yeah, he'll know what to do."
Psychoplasm 02:57
Nightfall, and you head to the show A ticket is clutched in your hand Wearing a vest made of denim With patches of your favorite bands You get to the club And the first band is totally lame These posers are into the nu-school They have T-I-O-N in their name! Our riffs decapitate them, our solos shred their skin Our drums obliterate them, let the massacre begin! Up from the pit We launch an assault on the stage Hatchets are buried in craniums In a frenzy of psychotic rage Killing machines Necks are all broken and slashed We came here to conquer, we came here to rule WE CAME HERE TO SPLATTERTHRASH! Our riffs decapitate them, our solos shred their skin Our drums obliterate them, let the massacre begin! Splatterthrash! Bang your fuckin head! Splatterthrash! Slay the living, eat the dead! Splatterthrash! Moshing like a fool! Splatterthrash! Live for metal, DIE FOR GHOUL! End of the show And on to the next shitty dive The scenesters who got on the guestlist Paid with their poserish lives But you survived Your metal turned out to be true You slammed in the pit and you didn't take shit A numbskull, through and through Our riffs decapitate them, our solos shred their skin Our drums obliterate them, let the massacre begin!
Guzzling the Rot Gut Binging on the putrefied swill Total fucking mind rot Blind drunk and I'm dying to kill So fucking loaded I can't get off the floor Three sheets are to the wind and I'm going for four I'm a total wreck, gotta lay off the booze And on top of that, I can't find my shoes But what can you do? Gutbucket Blues! Waking in a cold sweat Feels like I need a new brain Overdid the Rot Gut And now I'm in incredible pain Retching up the effluvial brews Cursing my existence through a river of spew Fishy smelling bile to recycle and use And I could really use a drink when I'm through But what can you do? Gutbucket Blues!
=RECOVERY GRID/ DIVERT POWER LOAD= =NEURONS REFORMATTED/ ACCESSING CODE= =DEFRAGMENTING CORTICAL DRIVE= =INSTALL SUCCESSFUL/ KILLBOT ALIVE= =BOOTING UP NAVCOM AND WEAPON CONTROLS= =RUNNING CHAINGUN LOAD PROTOCOLS= =ACCESSING TARGETING INFORMATION= =DIRECTIVE ESTABLISHED: DEVASTATION= Pulled from the dark of your stony grave Rise Killbot, rise!!! Cultists conspiring to make you their slave Rise Killbot, rise!!! Fitted with weapons, reverse engineered Rise Killbot, rise!!! Nuclear payload, bringer of fear Rise Killbot, rise!!! =TARGET ACQUIRED, SALVO DEPLOYED= =GORE BORE ATTACKING: BATTLE AXE/ AVOID= =RAY CANNON POWERED/ LOCKING ON BAND= "Fire at will!!" =BY YOUR COMMAND= Razing the cemetery, leave no bones unburned Killbot delivers carnage rightly earned There is no quarter from this instrument of death Whirling chaos engine, spewing molten breath Retreat to the catacombs, defeated and scorched Live to fight another day with axe, hook, and torch Cold revenge, the tables will be turned But for now they've got the skull and Creepsylvania burns "Go forth and kill!"
This town is a smoldering hole Christo-Fascists are in control They put a Disney Store in Svatoplunk Square All the guards at the labor camp shop there Christian values, the mark of their sect Creepsylvanian tradition's what they claim to protect And the message has such lasting appeal No one cares that the tradition's not real Burning books in the name of the Lord The people are converted without bullet or sword Now the villagers have cable TV, Big Macs, Cadillacs, and pornography Culture recycled and commodified Fact and belief become homogenized Total absorption, the past is erased A fairytale history is put in its place Lickspittle newsmen sell religion like soap Hanging the dimwits from their shiny new rope The promise of heaven was enough to entice They turned into zombies for an army of Christ Total obedience, the plan is complete Flag waving, behaving, religious, elite Comatose, they do naught but consume And consume, and consume, and consume, and consume!!! Shambling from store to store, life of the living dead Consuming, then consuming some more, life of the living dead The Christo-Fascist corps, life of the living dead It's such a fucking bore, life of the living dead
Baron Samedi 03:26
I woke, I woke in the night from a terrible dream A crystal skull... caught in a frozen scream It was calling me, mon, calling me to a distant land There was hooded mutants and a mon with a metal hand I'll board a ship and I will cross the sea I'm the houngan priest, the houngan priest called Samedi Baron Samedi


Ghoul returns triumphant on their third outing, a thrash and surf filled voyage that beggars belief!! Enter the Mutant Mutilator! Enter the Grand Basilisk! Enter Killbot! Enter Baron Samedi! This one's got it all, true believers...


released June 6, 2006

All songs Digested, Fermented, Dissected, and Cremated by Ghoul
except "Dead / You Suffer" by Napalm Death

Engineered by Sal Raya at Earhammer Studios, 2006
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

Cover art by Greg Oakes


all rights reserved



Ghoul Oakland, California


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