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by Ghoul

Welcome little children At play among the tombs A trail of treats will lead you Into candy covered rooms Granite pestles crush their tiny pelvises to dust Smashing with unholy lust You and your burnout friends Were suckered by the witch's tale Caves replete the devil's leaf And a map for sale So, to the catacombs With plunder as your goal Stumble bums, trap door sprung You were knocked out cold Welcome lonely traveler Engaged in self abuse Your love for iron maidens Will be put to grizzly use Piercing shrieks of torture from behind a metal mask Blood collects in oaken cask You hear a muffled scream Through a fleshly mortared crypt Slimy tendrils coat the walls Where the coffin juices drip A filthy denim vest You find abandoned on the chamber floor Mortal fear; your blood runs cold At the sound of a creaking door The screams of your friends echo from afar Panicked, you race through the torch lit halls Into the Abattoir Kill! Kill! Kill! You fall to your knees In human debris And we chortle at your feeble cries You kick and you scream As you're dragged 'cross the floor No mercy, no pity, your destined to die In our inner sanctum Chained to the floor of a catacomb cell In our inner sanctum You will be wracked with the tortures of hell In our inner sanctum Tears stream from your bloodshot eyes In our inner sanctum Die!
Screaming as the torch is lit The muscles seize as hooks are thrust Into your writhing torso twisting Metal up your fucking butt Spill your guts! Spill your fucking guts! Veiny ropes of innards dripping Shit and blood from jagged cuts Are ripping from a nauseating Racket as I spill your guts Gnawing at your stomach In the offal splattered dirt Sopping up the drippings With your Iron Reagan shirt Sneakers stolen and your vest is Tattered where your ribcage juts From under ravaged flesh now aren't you Happy that you spilt your guts?


A colossal team up from the purveyors of pot and the kings of cannibalism!


released January 7, 2014

All songs Digested, Fermented, Dissected, and Cremated by Ghoul

Engineered and mixed by Sal Raya at Earhammer Studios
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

Cover art by Andrei Bouzikov


all rights reserved



Ghoul Oakland, California


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